About Us: Client Comments


We used Arciform for the remodel of our 1909 home in Portland Heights. Our project involved most of the house, in 3 phases, over 

the course of a few years. We are absolutely thrilled with the end 


Arciform is a highly professional team, from start to finish. Anne has a great sense of design – she guided us in the right direction on all the important decisions. Our project manager, Adam, did a tremendous job in organizing the work and communicating with us. Jamie Whittaker, the lead carpenter for each of our projects, is a true artisan and a patient perfectionist.  

Most of all, the Arciform team clearly aims to please & stands behind their work 100%. In the end, we have no regrets, no “buyers remorse” and thoroughly enjoyed working with the Arciform team through each phase. If we had more to renovate, we’d definitely work Arciform again. Thank you, Arciform! 

Lynne Strasfeld & Alex Kitzis 

As we get down to the final weeks of projects at my place, I just wanted to send a sincere thanks for the amazing level of service and personal care from your team. Roger, Darin, Joe, Devin and Bianca have been a total pleasure to work with and consistently have gone well beyond expectations. From shoveling ice from my walkways to taking care to fix extra little things like door latches and window trim, to bringing back the painters for more finish work, to keeping everything tidy and all the comings and goings, additions and changes, so organized, I have the highest trust in and appreciation for them. And on top of all that, the quality of work is just exceptional, as of course I always expect from Arciform. 

Aside from my family, I hold dearest my home and all it represents. Thank you for making it more beautiful, adding strength to it and giving me such a kind, talented and patient team to work with. While I'm definitely looking forward to settling into our remodeled surroundings, all four of us (including Bijou the cat!) will miss seeing Roger and Darin everyday, who have become like family. 

It must feel very good to place your company and all it stands for in such capable hands. 

All the best, 


Arciform worked on the first phase of our house remodel (kitchen, family room, laundry, master bedroom and bath). They are about to start the second phase. The team that worked daily at our house had kids of their own, so they understood our family's needs and were always considerate of those needs. At the end of the remodel, our kids considered the team part of our family. We have a friend who built a new house on an existing lot and another friend who also underwent a whole house remodel. Both of them had horror stories of dishonest builders/contractors who overcharged (at multiples above their signed contract) or outright disregarded their own customers' wishes. Our experience with Arciform couldn't have been more different. We can't recommend them highly enough. 

-Betty Kobos on Facebook 

Hi everyone, 

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the great work on my home so far. It is very exciting to see the progress.  

Also I wanted to thank Joe for his thorough and proactive updates each week. It is extremely helpful to have perspective on the work that is visibly happening but also a summary of the many things going on behind the scenes to enable the work. To be able to get that directly from the person leading the work on a regular basis without having to seek out answers goes a very long way. I know it takes a little more time to do this and I appreciate it. I imagine though in the long run it saves everyone time and a lot of wondering/some worrying.  

Look forward to more great updates in the weeks/months to come. 



Working with Arciform was painless and pleasant. The carpenters were very friendly and happy to answer questions. They seemed pretty jazzed at the “puzzle” of supporting the vines during demo and construction. It wasn’t easy for the guys to thread the rafters through the branches of the plants, but they managed to do it, cheerfully, and with minimal damage to the plant. The site was reliably tidy during and after each workday. We had a few schedule changes, but everything was promptly and effectively communicated. 

- Janell Neulinger 

Read a "client's eye view" of her pergola restoration project here. 

We hired Arciform to redesign the entire lower level of our house. The job involved many challenges, from moving heating ducts and plumbing, to lighting and tiling issues. In addition, the job needed to be completed in only 5 weeks, we would not be there, and we would not be able to move in until it was finished. From the initial consultation to the cleanup, Spencer, Anna and Adam made the impossible happen. Their excellent design solutions were outstanding. They dealt with the inevitable setbacks with grace, kept us in the loop every step of the way (providing hundreds of pictures of their progress), finished 2 days early, and did it all for a fair price. After we moved in, they immediately came back to tweak and improve several things at no extra cost. We could not be more happy with the results. 

- Debra Wilensky on Angie's List 

I couldn't be happier with the lovely bathrooms they created for me!!! Always professional, and finished early! These guys are fabulous. And Anne and Kristyn made the design end near effortless for me. I will use Arciform for all my remodel needs in future! 

-Paula Bixel, via Facebook 

Carter did an excellent job. He was personable, professional, focused on doing it right and easy to have in the house. He was thorough and knowledgeable and I'm pleased with his work. 

- Lynn Jennings 

Working with Anne and Marty during the design was a joy... 

Jeremy was a pleasure to have in our home and did fine work, daily communication and keeping our house liveable. 

Adam went the extra mile, assisting us with the following: finding our reclaimed hardwoods; hunting through bins at Hippo Hardware for the perfect match to supplement our existing hardware; and finding a vendor for new vintage vents for the kitchen. 

- Marty Stockton 

Read a "client's eye view of her kitchen renovation here. 


You have been a pleasure to work with and truly have done a great job. You have responded in a timely manner and managed this project very well. Please let everyone at Arciform know that the AAHC truly appreciates your hard work to bring this project to completion... 



Dear Mr. De Wolf 

Thank you for your six years of service to the Construction Contractors Board. Your talent, experience and input to the board have been very beneficial. 

Thank you for your time, talent and effort in this important role, and for your willingness to be involved in public service. I comend you for your unselfish contribution to the citizens of the State of Oregon. 


John A. Kitzhaber, M.D.  


Dear Richard, Anne, Adam & Crew, 

Thank you for all that you have done to help us get the Coleman-Scott House ready for the next 100 years of providing a place to call home! 


Harvey & Claudia Scott 

Carol & Monte Hess 

Dear Anne, 

It's been a pleasure working with you, and your staff, and in the process becoming part of the larger 'Arciform Family'. When we aren't dancing in the kitchen we will be topping off our meals with the gourmet finishing salts, thanks to you. 

With all best wishes for a great new year, 

Mary and Yoshi 

Subject line: Thank you!! 

I just wanted you to know how great Al and Ethan have been. They're pleasant, respectful, informative and VERY tidy!! 

- Kathy 

Lucky me! I came home yesterday to such a wonderful kitchen. It is beyond expectation - I absolutely love it and am so happy to see it all come together so well. 

The shelves are absolutely beautiful. The combination of all the materials and textures and color is really fabulous. 

Thank you so much for the great craftsmanship and also for working so hard to get it done in time for Thanksgiving. Let the pie baking begin! :-) 

Thank you for caring as much as I do! 


"It looks REALLY good! Arciform, the general contractor, did a fabulous job on it. It definitely is worth taking the time to go look at how tight & precise their joinery is-especially at where the knee braces are let into the log columns (not easy to do!) & at the carpentry on the mitered column bases & capitals. They are true craftsmen. 

Project Description: We got rid of those awful creosoted, out-of-scale log columns & replaced them with beautiful, hand peeled log columns straight from Silver Falls State Park, the (2) carpenter ant-eaten beams were replaced, rough-sawn knee braces replaced the non-original ones & the original thru-bolts were replicated, the bases were cleaned up & restucco'd, & we added more seismic integrity to the whole building with carefully hidden steel plate connections. 

I'm very pleased with how this project turned out-it definitely restores the historical integrity, function, & beauty to the building! I've attached a photo for your viewing pleasure." 

Construction Project Manager, Heidi Overman, of the Engineering & Design Division of the State of Oregon 

Final Comments attached to the Certificate of Final Completion on the Champoeg Pavilion Column Replacement Project 

I had the pleasure of having Trevor Frick and Jake Schoemer as the craftsmen for my kitchen remodel. I want to report it was a pleasure having them with our family for a little over a month from November 2 until December 9. 

They always showed up when they told me they would. They locked the house when they would leave. Every night the place was cleaned thoroughly. Both gentlemen have very pleasant personalities. They are most creative in solving the problems of older homes. Their work was beautifully executed. 

Our kitchen is now a beautiful part of Portland's "all-electric" home, We have Trevor and Jake to thank for this. 

Feel free to call me for a recommendation for these two gentlemen. 


Katy Neill 

Thank you for completing my sink install so quickly and keeping it within my budget. I spent the weekend partly in my bathroom and it looks so much better now. I will definitely keep you in mind when I have future projects. 


Karen Morgan 

I am glad I found you all. And as I said before much of the credit should also go to Stephanie who was awesome to work with! Everyday I love looking at my kitchen and being there. It really is terrific! 

Mary Kilo, MD 


The great job your team does is a reflection on your leadership. 



All of your employees were great - guests rather than intruders. 

Carol and Ed Cushman 


We are so proud to be on the cover of the magazine. When we started our kitchen remodel undertaking I wanted a kitchen that would be nice enough to end up in a magazine. And lo and behold we scored a cover. That is a credit to Arciform's excellent work. Thanks so much. Let us know if you ever need our help selling your business with potential clients. We are always happy to help. 



Just to let you know, so far your crew has been very efficient, timely and professional. We are very impressed. 

Keep up the great work! 

Brandon (and Susan) Bankowski 

The first week seemed to be a great success! The crew is wonderful and incredibly professional. The kitchen is down to the bones. 



We would not have been able to achieve our dream fireplace without each one of you talented individuals. Thanks to Kathia (design), Joshua (American Clay), Phillip (mantel wood-graining) and the Arciform crew (Richard, Scott, John, Jeremy and more) who did the tile installation and mantel construction... 

Best Regards, 

Pete and Mary Osterberg 

We absolutely love the kitchen. I was explaining to a friend what Arciform did with the stairs and what they looked like before. He said something like, "You wouldn't even know you redid the stairs--they look like they should have always been like that." That basically says it. We wanted a kitchen with modern amenities, but also was period and looked like it might have always been like that. And that's what we got. Thanks. 

Joe (and Jane) Dvorak 


I tried not to think about "having my kitchen back" too much yesterday, in case there was a delay of some kind. But, I heard Devin barking about something out in the kitchen about 2:30, so I went out to see what the problem was....I think he was just making a fuss about the little scratch on the range's cutting board (which will get scratched and cut anyway)...just to get me out there so he could give me the good news: "your appliances are ready to be used". He was still installing the fridge handles, and there was hardware and other things still laying around in there, but I said "so...I can start roasting some chicken?" "YUP!" 

I turned on the oven, ran downstairs to grab the chicken and a bottle of chardonnay (of course!), grabbed the garlic out of the butler's pantry and went to work. I was ready to celebrate, sing, sear, and get silly! Monte put on some old music, so that he, I, Devin and the two Jerry's could feel like it was a party. Adam, where were YOU? It felt so good to smash the garlic, and snip herbs out of my garden, smell the roasting chicken, play with the knobs on the stove, see the tile "glistening" under the hood lights. (It really looks stunning!) 

By then end of the workday, the chicken and garlic mashed potatos were done so we shared some with Devin before he left. He said he thought this would be his last time working at our house, but it was a really great way to "send him off", and I think he was really glad to see us on the day our kitchen "came on board." I hope Asa will have a chance to come by and "do some work" here too, so he can see how it all turned out. 

Thanks for all your design help, Anne and Adam, the detailling is so stunning, that this kitchen just about outshines the foyer and pipe organ! And that's a really hard act to follow! 

Have a great day.....I know I will:-) 

Carol & Monte Hess